Sesh Fest 2017



50+ breweries seshing

Sesh Fest is summer’s favorite craft beer fest—50+ breweries dishing you session ales and lagers while you relax on the grass, play lawn games, jam to tunes, and get on your summer sesh on with your buddies. 


what is a session beer?

Most Session purists demand that the style be defined as any beer no higher than 3 or 4 percent ABV, just as those cask conditioned worker pints were back in the day. Today, most categorize 5% ABV (or less) a true session, and that's what guides what beer will be at this fest.

Why The low ABV love?

Because beer that has a relatively low alcohol content is suitable for drinking over an extended period of time! Don't worry, the buzz isn't lost, the art of seshing just includes more endurance!

proof of concept

A well-made session beer has all of the flavor of a full strength beer but without the high alcohol .... What isn’t to love, great taste and lots of it.
— Ryan Kilpatrick, Fiction Beer Company
...when they’re going down quickly, it’s ever-so important that they fall in that 4-5% ABV range for proper hydration and continued social agility
— Jesse Brookstein, Call To Arms Brewery



14er Brewing Company
4 Noses Brewing Co
Baere Brewing Company
Beryl's Beer Co.
Black Bottle Brewery
Call to Arms Brewing Co.
CAUTION: Brewing Company
Cerebral Brewing
Colorado Cider Company
Crooked Stave
Elevation Beer Company
Epic Brewing Company
FATE Brewing Company
Fiction Beer Company
Goldspot Brewery
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Holidaily Brewing
Horse & Dragon Brewing Company
Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.
Little Machine
Lost Highway Brewing Company
Mockery Brewing
Odell Brewing Co
Odyssey Beerwerks
Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company
Prost Brewing
Ratio Beerworks
Resolute Brewing Company
River North Brewery
Roaring Fork Beer Company
Ska Brewing Co
Sleeping Giant Brewing Co
Something brewery
Soulcraft Brewing
Station 26 Brewing Co.
Steamworks Brewing Company
Stem Ciders
Strange Craft Beer Company
Telluride Brewing Co
The Brew on Broadway (The BoB)
The Old mine
The Post Brewing Company
TRVE Brewing Co.
WestFax Brewing Company
Wibby Brewing
Wiley Roots Brewing Company
Wonderland Brewing